Scrap Mechanic 1.0

Turn scrap metal into powerful machines in a sandbox atmosphere

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    Brain Training & Quiz Games

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    Android 4.3

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    6.1 (61)

Scrap Mechanic, a mobile brain game where you engineer the most powerful machines from your imagination, offers you a creative mechanical heaven where you explore the world through the power of choice. This sandbox multiplayer world emphasizes ingenuity powered through the human imagination. As you explore the world, you will face challenges to design and craft up your most innovative machines and robotic vehicles. You can also set cunning traps. Scrap Mechanics hands you the possibilities of endless choice through powerful tools.

As you build and design some of the world's most impressive machines, the narrative places you in the shoes of a robot mechanic who does maintenance traveling for a new job at a mechanized and agrarian planet. You have been handed the task of supervising the robot workers who toil in cultivating the fruits and working in the fields to prosper the more urbanized planets. As the spaceship descends, something goes terribly wrong, and your spaceship crashes to reveal not everything is tranquil on this farming planet. You soon learn of a rebellion among the farmbots who have raised the war banner against everyone in a chaotic killing frenzy. If you want to survive, you will have to exercise your creative thinking powers to live in this dog-eat-dog world.

Through the creative mode, you can customize and choose from an almost limitless selection of parts. Interestingly enough, you can customize the gender in this game. Your mechanics will either be a male or a female. In total, Scrap Mechanics features more than 100 pre-selected parts, and they all come in unique shapes and sizes. Unleash your inner creative instinct as you take advantage of the mechanics' handbook placed at your fingertips. The full engagement and interaction within the game makes it where you can connect everything to other things to achieve your true vision as an engineer.

Sometimes those pesky laws of physics will weigh you down in what you can and can't do. Through the lift function, you can make the loads of your engineering projects lighter to bring your dreams to full fruition. Elevate both the creation and the creator to a higher plane.

Many parts of the game have a satisfying appeal with endless doses of fun. For example, you can use your sledgehammer to whack at parts and knock them loose or send them flying. Scrap Mechanics sits alongside other excellent building themed games like Exploration Lite and Minecraft. As you enter the mechanical world, you might feel like you stepped into a classic science fiction movie. For example, the narrative says you're trapped under a colony of robot rebels, which even gives the game this sense of urgency that you need to complete it before the robots attack.


  • Whimsical and sometimes funny graphics
  • Endless possibilities only limited by your imagination
  • No learning curve to get started


  • You can't make caves or excavate
  • Not a good choice for the low-spec machines because of the lag

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