Scrap Mechanic Preview beta

Become a robotic mechanic and create machines from scrap parts in a three-dimensional, multiplayer environment

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Scrap Mechanic by Axolot Games is a creative sandbox in which players can explore and build on their own or alongside other people.

Players familiar with Minecraft, ROBLOX and Exploration Lite will appreciate the kind of experience that Axolot is seeking to create with Scrap Mechanic. This is first and foremost a sandbox. That means that it’s more an experience than a traditional game. There are, however, survival elements, and your ability to manipulate your environment will determine how well you flourish over the long-term.

Like Minecraft, Scrap Mechanic lets you play alone in your own world. You can also create a server and make it available to just those you invite, like your friends. Worlds can be persistent. You also have the option to join a multiplayer server and play with strangers and friends. MP servers can either be cooperative or competitive in nature. Once you’ve entered a Scrap Mechanic world, you can explore, create in a creative mode or gather resources to create to survive.

As the name suggests, there’s a lot of scrap lying around to gather and use. The focus here is on engineering, and although the world is cartoony, the physics engine seeks to mirror the real world. If using a gear or pulley in a certain way looks like it will work, then it probably will, and that’s pretty cool. You can also learn a lot from what other players create. Many of them are quite ingenious.

There’s no ability to dig, mine, cut down trees and so forth. That may seem a bit off-putting at first to those used to games like Minecraft and Seven Days to Die. It also helps to give Scrap Mechanic its distinctness. This isn’t simply a clone. Here, you shape your surroundings by building with tools. These tools include engines, steering wheels, bearings and so forth.

The biggest issue with Scrap Mechanic is that it often doesn’t run well on older machines. The graphics are fun and attractive in their own way, but they don’t really seem to warrant the memory and processing power required. The good news is that you can use this trial to determine how it fares on your setup. If all goes well and you like the game, then you can purchase it with confidence. It’s also worth noting that at the time of this review Scrap Mechanic was still in Early Access. That means that the game is a work in progress, and there’s currently no timeline for the game to have a full release.


  • Sandbox
  • Single- or multi-player experience
  • Simulated real-world physics


  • Resource-intensive

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